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Thursday, May 15, 2008

Canal Day 2008 is just around the corner

There are some changes this year so be prepared.

For those driving into town, parking is now $10 per car and includes air-conditioned bus transport to and from from the parking location.
Don't forget. If you are in town Friday night, don't leave your car parked on one of the town streets. There is no parking in town after midnight on Friday, June 27. At 4 a.m on Canal Day, towing starts. No joke. Your car will be towed.

New this year ... an admission donation of $5 per adult is being requested. I'm not sure how that is going to be handled yet, but I'll post it as soon as I know.

Boaters planning to come and moor in the basin ... TAKE NOTE .... The U.S. Coast Guard will be enforcing strict safety measures in the canal basin starting Tuesday, June 24 and running through Canal Day. A limited number of boats will be allowed in the basin.


Anonymous said...

I hope the local government is not going to try to break up the Canal Days party by having the Coast Guard do their dirty work for them? You think...

Ed, Chesapeake City said...

Yup looks like the prudes got their way.

In the Nor'easter Paper today (6/3):

No boats may stay more than 24 hours during Canal Days.

No tubes, kayaks, dingies allowed. These will be confiscated.

The coast guard will board EVERY vessel entering the basin.

The town dock and ramp will be closed and no one is allowed to bring guests aboard their boats from shore.

Looks like Chesapeake City doesn't want our money. I for one am boycotting Canal Days, the Chesapeake Inn, etc. until Canal Days is returned to us.

Btw, the party will be in the Bohemia River in front of Manor Creek same days as Canal Days (June 25-29). Alot of us aren't willing to give up our civil liberties (the right to assemble peaceably, illegal searches, etc) for a town that doesn't want boater's money. When the Chesapeake Inn closes down like Scheafer's, maybe then they will realize a few prudes in town don't run the show.

Anonymous said...

This is a NOT A GOOD THING!!!!!Can someone e-mail me a copy of the new Nor'Easter ASAP

Anonymous said...

They will not be enforcing the 24hr rule.

Anonymous said...

Canal Day will be the same as it always has been, maybe a few less boats. The Coast Guard will make sure that everyone is safe. When they determine that number is anyone's guess. As long as everyone is behaving properly and causing any trouble, there will be no confiscating of anything and of course the 24hr rule is not being enforced.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

It turns out that the Nor'Easter was supplied with false information by Harriet Davis. I inquired about the supposed new rules and got this e-mail from a source I will not name at the Chesapeake Inn:

"Ok, first off all of that info was given to the Nor’easter by one person. Harriett Davis. She said out loud at a town Canal Day meeting that she would lie to anyone about what was going on this year, this included the Nor’easter. This is what the COAST GUARD said. They will not enforce the 24hr rule, unless it gets so bad they have to have boats leave. They also want the dingy dock to be open so people can get in and out rather than walking up on the banks. The Coast Guard and DNR will be stationed back in those public slips as well as around the cove and on top of The Chesapeake Inn. There is NO set number of boats allowed into the cove. The Coast Guard will be keeping an eye on everything and then they will make the decision as to when they will shut off the cove. They also did not mention anything about limiting how many boats can raft up. I hope this helps clear up any questions."

That being said, Chesapeake City has no legal right to make ANY rules regarding what goes on in the basin, which is owned by the Army Corps of Engineers and patrolled by the Coast Guard.

See you all there !