An annual day of fun (and some debauchery) in Chesapeake City, Md.

Thursday, June 28, 2007

Let the fun begin

The boats began arriving on Wednesday. By Wednesday night, there were three big lines of raft ups down in the mooring basin by the town dock and Chesapeake Inn. This is what part of it looked like Thursday afternoon, two days before Canal Day.

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Anonymous said...

I'm not suprised by Amy Yarnall's comment, knowing the collection plate is a bit lighter during this weekend and that Mr Yarnall's attention is directed toward the eye candy without stretch marks. I wasn't even aware that Mayor Bill had recently undergone surgery to reattach his BALLS. No one with any intelligence would consider cancelling an event of this size. (Cha$$Ching$$) There are towns up and down the bay that would kill to be able to stage an event such as this. If there are fingers to be pointed, lets start with the town council and organizers of the event for allowing this to become what it is. Why are the laws currently on the books not being enforced? Most events around the Bay and else where, DO NOT allow food or alcohol to be brought in from outside. What a loss of revenue for vendors, area business's and the town. Place the blame where it belongs, NOT on the boating community or those allowed to carry in the cases.